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    long story short --- Late November, 2016 was really cold here in Toronto.  Macie who’s just the sweetest little dog, had come to live with me about the same time.  I wanted to make her something warm for her walks outside.  I had a beautiful green cable knit sweater that had shrunk a bit during its last washing, so I took the scissors to it and made her a fabulous warm and colorful sweater and thought it might be something that others would appreciate as well. 

    long story long ---  About 3 – 4 years ago I went through a few changes, my only child, Eroca left home. While I did miss her, I also felt like a teenager again with so much free time and energy.  Around this time, a job which I loved, working for a non-profit arts organization was coming to an end.  I have always loved making things and had wanted to find a way to make it into a business. During this time of change I was experimenting with making different things. While I enjoyed making each one, none of them seemed exactly right. Until, that wonderful fateful day, when Eroca asked me take care of Macie, who wasn’t adjusting well to their new puppy Earl, a gorgeous Great Dane mix.

    I gladly took in Macie - the sweetest little dog, a shi-poo mix whose whole mission in life is to be a total sweetheart. She is just the absolute best! 

    It was late November, and here in Toronto in 2016, it was really cold. Eroca had sent some clothes with Macie but I wanted to make her something warmer and more unique. I had a favourite sweater lying around that had unfortunately shrunk a little during its last washing. It was perfect for the project and so warm. As soon as I made it I knew this is would be something wonderful to make – my biz idea was finally born!

    Coincidentally, I worked briefly for a fellow at a clothing recycling depot. From this experience I learned there were so many sweaters destined for the landfill, or to be shredded, but never really to be enjoyed again.  Most sweaters that have been donated if they are not bought in a second hand shop are sent to these recycling centers where they sadly meet their demise.  The majority of clothing that is sent to recycling depots is shipped to third world countries that are generally very warm so there is little need for cold-weather clothing.

     I love hand selecting the best sweaters from this wonderful assortment.  They are fully laundered and then individually hand-cut and designed. I have developed my own patterns for a perfect fit for each size of dog.  Because I love embellishment I love to customize each one.  I have also designed some adorable ugly Christmas sweaters - making these has been a blast! 

    I hope you enjoy these sweaters as much as I have making them, and that you feel good about buying one, saving it from its sad ending and helping our wonderful Mother Earth.