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    This business is dedicated to all of our dogs who give us so much joy, happiness and love. 

    At Macie and Earl we are all about ...

    Excellent Fit and Function --- we know fit is sometimes an issue, so we have developed sweaters to fit specific breeds, and their wonderful uniqueness.  Please see our sizing charts to help you find the perfect fit --- if your pup doesn't fit into our sizing, please let us know and we will make that happen.  And, because our sweaters are so well made, from quality materials, you will find them lasting several seasons. Each sweater has a deep V cut into the underside to allow your pup to pee to its hearts content.

     Colour and The Cute Factor --- we Love Love Love colour, and making sweaters that are unique, super cute and all around wonderful.

     Upcycling --- All of our products contain 90 - 95% upcycled materials.  we hand pick our sweaters, fully launder and cut them apart  to make into wonderful unique sweaters.  Every sweater gets a new life, helping to support our beautiful mother earth.